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When you’re the sleep-deprived mom of a newborn, remembering to take a shower can be challenging enough, let alone keeping track of all those baby feedings and nap times!

But monitoring your baby’s feeding, sleeping and elimination schedule is important. Regular tracking can help you identify patterns, understand your baby’s needs and establish effective routines. It can put your mind at ease that baby is thriving. And it can also uncover potential issues your doctor wants to know about.

That’s why Mobile Mom created the Baby Tracker mobile app.

With Baby Tracker, you can:

  • Record nursing and pumping sessions, bottles and solid food feedings
  • Record naps, including sleep-time location
  • Record diaper change information
  • Set reminders to help keep your baby on a schedule
  • Keep logs of multiple children and switch easily between them

The app is designed for quick and easy use, even with one hand. A few fast taps is all it takes to record essential information. The simple interface lets you see at a glance the last time your baby slept, was fed and had a diaper change. More detailed information is just a tap away.

With Baby Tracker, recording and accessing information your baby’s information is always at your fingertips… no matter how tired you get.

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