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Monitoring your baby’s kicks is fun and easy with Kick Counter.

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Trust us when we say that feeling the first flutter of your baby’s movements in your pregnant belly makes all the nausea, fatigue and body aches totally worthwhile. It’s an exciting time!

But you may be worried about things that could go wrong, especially if you’re a first-time mom.

Conducting regular kick counts can help ease your mind and reassure you that baby is doing just fine. And starting around your third trimester, many doctors recommend you track your baby’s movements regularly. As a guideline, doctors recommend you should feel 10 movements in a two-hour time span.

Fun, easy and convenient
The Mobile Mom Kick Counter is designed to make tracking baby’s movements fun, easy and convenient.

  • Start the timer.
  • Record a kick with a simple tap of your device screen
  • Attach a note to any kick
  • Stop the timer when you’re done.

Since a session can last up two hours, you can always exit the app and use your device normally while the session runs in the background.

See and share results
The app records all the important information you need including date, start time, session duration and more.

  • See important information at a glance with the history graph.
  • Share the results of a kick session with friends, family or even your doctor by sending an email right from within the app.

Monitoring and recording your baby’s activity with regular kick count sessions can help you identify potential problems and keep worrying to a minimum so you can enjoy your pregnancy.

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