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Due Date Calculator

Instantly know when your baby is due with the Due Date Calculator.

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Learn your probable date of conception, your baby’s due date and other pregnancy milestones with one simple app. The Due Date Calculator determines these dates with just a single piece of information, allowing you to keep track of important times during your pregnancy.

The average pregnancy lasts 280 days counting from the first day of your last menstrual period. But calculating dates in your head when you have a baby on your mind can be difficult.

With the Due Date Calculator, you can learn your important milestones in seconds. It works two different ways:

Not sure when your baby is due?
Enter the date of your last menstrual period to track forwards.

Not sure when you conceived?
Enter your due date to track backwards.

Want to know more? The Due Date Calculator also tells you:

  • Exactly how many weeks pregnant you are right now
  • When one trimester ends and the next begins

This easy-to-use tool keeps important information at your fingertips for quick reference when you need it.

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