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Weight Gain Calculator

Concerned with keeping your weight in check during pregnancy?
The Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator helps you stay within a healthy range.

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Gaining weight is a normal and important part of pregnancy, but knowing how much weight to gain and the healthiest pace to gain it can be tricky. The Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator was designed to put your mind at ease by keeping weight gain guidance at your fingertips.

Weight gain during pregnancy is different for every woman. Your doctor can advise you on proper diet and nutrition, as well as your target weight, but since you won’t be able to check in with your doctor on a daily basis, the Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator is the next best thing to help you monitor your progress.

Start with your current weight…
Your height and current weight determine how much you need to gain.

Then add more details…
The more info you give the calculator, the more accurate the results. Are you carrying twins? How far along are you?

Instantly you’ll receive all the important data you need:

  • Current target weight and where you fall
  • The total amount of weight you should gain throughout your pregnancy
  • Target full-term weight range
  • Target weight range for your current trimester

Together with regular doctor visits, the Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator allows you to modify your diet and lifestyle as needed to stay within your healthy weight range. Regular monitoring can also reveal sudden changes that might signal a problem.

Let the Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator help you manage your growing body at every stage of your pregnancy.

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